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What is Affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the way of selling products and services with the use of other intermediators.

It is form of online advertisment, during which merchants offers operators and owners of website (affiliate partners) financial reward (commission) for bringing them a visitor, which on website pages of the merchant will for example buy product, service, finish sign up, or only for visit of their website, etc.

Intermediator with use of his own advertisment, website, facebook group or email database, etc. Attracts client, who will visit the website of the merchant, he will buy something or only visit the website – systems are able to evaluate the real interest of the customer, for example: how deep the client visit the structure of the website, on which products did he click, etc. They can also track the repeat visits of the client.

System tracks from which website does the client visit the merchant website and based on this information it adds money (commission) to mediator. The same, if client  has order something on the website of the merchant (he gets on the website of merchant through the mediator) the intermediator gets commission from the merchant.


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