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What is Cashback?

How does it work?

The first for getting the cashback is sign up on the cashback website, which will pay you money if you will meet all the conditions. Sign up require only general information, such as email or password. Advanced information, such as account number are required at the momemt, when the user wants to get money for his commission.

After the sign up on the caschback website, user can choose from the list of the e-shops, the one in which he would like to make his purchase. For getting the commission is necessary that the user must get into that e-shop directly trhough the link on the cashback website. („go to the store“ etc.). Because shop tracks the last website from which visitor comes before the purchase. If the user do not get there directly from the link on the cashback website, shop will not pay any commision and the caschback reward won´t be charged.

Once the user visit the store from caschback site, purchase is running classically, nothing is different. After the purchase the user will get the promissed reward, cashback after the period of time. By this way is shop secured not to pay commissions for sale, which were not approved.

Terms and conditions

For getting cashback, user must accept the cookies in his internet browser. On the cashback website are cookies saved in the user computer. Cookies are small files, which inform shop about the user who came from cashback website and it is necessary to pay him commission for sale. If user do not accept cookies, the shop is not able to identify from where the customer has come and he can not get the commission.

From the moment of the redirect from cashback website to shop, until the finish of the purchase is not recommend to open any other websites, because the cookies can be overwriten so the connnection between e-shop and caschback website can be lost.


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