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What does the „recommend your purchase“ mean ?


Recomend purchase is the hotest news in online affiliate marketing! Customer, who buys good through the, where he gets % of money back (Cashback) from his purchase. Next you can recommend your purchase and by this way you can create review for choosen shop and what is more important – get money back from all purchases of your friends and fans on social networks!

It is realized by creating the post on the and sharing it on the social network, where he writes review and upload photo of the product or he takes a photo of the bought product, then he chooses in which shop, he had bought the product. Then he has possibility to share this on all social networks by one click.


Send it and post will appear on the timeline of each social network, where your friends and fans click on the post and are redirect directly into the shop. From each of your friend and fan, who will buy product in the given period in the shop you will get % money back.


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